Wild Water Gets Soaked Essay example

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1. I can surely state that New Jersey shore is a way much better place to relax, then it is in NY shores, simply because I did have a chance to see the both. NY shore is, obviously, more crowded, whereas NJ is less, and since the distance between the two is not so big, families would rather choose quite, not crowded location. NY and Jersey states are high dense areas, so the population is not an issue; conversely, growing trend is the issue to fight. An educated guess is that this precise fact initialized a development of condominiums. So, now, Salernos will have to come up with something to be able to sustain and to progress. In the next few years, Wild Water will be experiencing an intense constraction sight. This is when the owner of…show more content…
As for Salernos, the latter issue is even more hectic, because they have to find the way to increase the profits, so the staff didn’t choose the opponent (it’s certain that a new comer will need some locals to work for him). This is when the loyalty will be double-checked. 3. The plan now is to be able to deal with the new owner. In my view, there is a room for doing the successful business for the both. Salernos will need to see the construction plan first. As was stated in the case, visitors are most likely to be interested in Golf. The two managements would have to decide, where to locate the Golf area, so it’s suitable and/or beneficial for both parties. For example: If Solernos are not able to build the court themselves, may be they could offer some service to the visitors. May be some sort of tea place after the game etc. In general, it would have been beneficial for the both if the two places are “one complementing another”. Reaching the goal needs total collaboration during the restructuring period. So issues like this need to be agreed. Also it was mentioned that the Salernos small office is lined with pictures of their employees and customers. So what they could do to encourage old visitors to come back is to give them discounts. This will not only imply to them, but also for the new coming customers. They might consider going through the old registration records to find the
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