Wild and Rebellious Adolescence

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The movie thirteen is a raw psychodrama directed by Catherine Hardwicke is based on the life of a young teenage girl, Tracy Freeland whom catapults from pre adolescence/childhood to a wild and rebellious thirteen year old girl. Filmed in Los Angeles, Tracey and her mother’s relationship are put to the test when she befriends Evie. Evie is a popular girl from junior high school who introduces her to the world of sex, drugs and self-mutilation. We see a physical and psychological change in Tracey almost overnight, as her kinship with Evie transforms into a toxic relationship. Tracey’s early traumatic life experiences, manifests into a co-morbidity of depression and borderline personality disorder that affects her ability to cope with an …show more content…
Tracey has recurring flashbacks about walking in on Bradley smoking crack cocaine in their kitchen, and almost overdosing. The trauma of his presence in their house can be seen as a significant moment affecting in her socialisation in the film. Tracey turns from an innocence girl, too a rebellious and dangerous teenager as her home becomes a toxic nightmare.

Tracey meets Evie in her high school, she begins to idealise Evie; Evie has the popularity, and the confidence that Tracey wants. Tracey’s family environment and growing psychological issues impact her ability to have a scene of self; this is shown when Tracey conforms to become Evie. Their friendship grows rapidly; once Evie moves into the Freeland house the two girls go into a downward spiral of hard drugs, sex, lies, piercings and petty crime. Evie manipulates Tracey into false sense of security. She gets the attention she craves from Evie; slowly Tracey shuns Mel completely out of her life. The influence of Evie on the family dynamics is major factor influencing Tracey’s resentment towards her mother.
Evie and Tracey become attached to one and other, as their friendship becomes toxic a nightmare for the entire Freeland family. Mel noticed the influence, Evie had in Tracey’s attitude but she became manipulated by Evie also. Evie was portrayed as a compulsive liar. She tells Mel, that she was sexually abused by her uncle at a young

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