Essay on Wild by Cheryl Strayed

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Straying away from life as a whole only to be alone, some may say is the strong way to heal themselves when dealing with extreme grief or a major crisis . In the book Wild, twenty-two year old Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost it all. Dealing with the loss of her mother, her family torn to pieces, and her very own marriage was being destroyed right before her very eyes. Living life with nothing more to lose, lifeless, she made the most life changing decision of her life. Strayed never seems remorseful on her decisions to up and leave everything behind while deciding to flee from it all. This being her way of dealing with life, it shows her as being strong; a woman of great strength and character. She shows personal strength, which is…show more content…
All too often we do not think about our personal strength until a situation arises that causes us to use this natural attribute that we know as strength.
Many women have been through incidents where one has had to exhibited personal strength to get through an appalling event or circumstance. Preparing for this journey, Strayed packed a backpack to take along with her on the Pacific Crest Trail. Not knowing what all she needed, she packed unnecessary items such as books, shoes, stoves, and even a twelve pack of condoms, but why? Going into something for the first time not knowing what to expect can be very dangerous. Every night the unexpected happened “Each night the black sky and the bright stars were my stunning companions; occasionally I’d see their beauty and solemnity so plainly that I'd realize in a piercing way that my mother was right. That someday I WOULD be grateful and that in fact I was grateful now, that I felt something growing in me that was strong and real” (Strayed 128).
In the Article The Love of My Life written by Cheryl Strayed as well, she cheated on her husband which is stated at the very beginning, “The first time I cheated on my husband, my mother had been dead for exactly a week.” Many people experience jagged relationships at least once in their lifetime in which it is very unhealthy to stay in. It is a situation where individuals find themselves in, but
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