Wilda Swinton Research Paper

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Katherine Matilda Swinton or, as the audiences across the globe know her, Tilda Swinton is a British actress, model, and fashion muse. She is well-known for her roles in independent films and she has received numerous awards, including an Academy Award. One of her best-known roles was that of Orlando in the movie adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel about a poet who changes sex from male to female and lives for centuries. Swinton herself was always interested in androgynous style and her facial features make her look ethereal and otherworldly. She currently lives in Scotland with her partner and two children.
Swinton is interested in many things, including identity, gender, and changes, especially those brought on by aging and motherhood. As a mother herself, she is very interested in exploring what happens to a woman when she becomes a mother; which parts of her disappeared and which are transferred to the child. Aging also fascinates her and the change that comes with it. As a model and a fashion
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In one of her interviews, she stated that it was very natural for her to play males. When talking about the film Orlando, she said: “Yes, I’m probably a woman.” Then, she went on explaining how she was never a girl but a boy for a long time. Since she is very interested in the matters of gender roles, she formed an opinion on that as well, saying that she is not sure whether identity really exists.
One of her recent roles was very progressive regarding non-binary gender. In Marvel’s film Doctor Strange, she portrayed the character the Ancient One who in the original comic was supposed to be male and Asian, but the producers of the film decided to go in another direction and chose Swinton to play the role instead. This shows that the character’s gender doesn’t really matter. The actress herself stated that it was up to the audience to decide which gender they wish to see in
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