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The first time I went to the Wilderness, I brought my friend Brianna. We had lots of fun on the rides there. We were basically just sitting in our seats playing on our tablets and staring out the window. Like I said... "We had lots of fun." We did talk a little about how excited we were to go there. (I think we were there for like 3-5 days!) When we finally got to The Wilderness we got checked in. To be honest getting checked in sucked. It was like 30 minutes of waiting for Dad to come out of the building with our keycards. I know this isn't the trip we're talking about, but on our most recent trip my dad couldn't remember Brianna's last name. Long story short Brianna was my sister for 3 days! :) Finally we go to the water park. The outside park was closed. The outside park was closed! We swam inside. I would rather have been outside, but... well... it was closed. While we were inside we saw the slides! When we were in line, we made the great disision to go on a orange and white slide. Brianna refused I mean really refused to get on that slide again. We only went on the small slides after... The Cannon? I can't remember that name very well. :(…show more content…
In conclusion my first trip to The Wilderness was my favorite trip of all! Thanks for reading. C'ya. :) Oh yeah! Another conclusion is we ate the best pizza in the world there! Yeah. bye!
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