Essay on Wildlife Endangerment Due to Human Intervention in Nature

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Wildlife Endangerment Due to Human Intervention in Nature

"The driving force behind today’s alarming decline in species is the destruction, degradation and fragmentation of habitat due to our increasing human population and wasteful consumption of resources."1 Everyday wildlife is forced to seek refuge in very remote, small areas. As the human population increases, land that was once inhabited by wildlife is urbanized to suit human needs. In other words, the land available for wildlife to survive on keeps diminishing. As houses and roads are constructed, forest are cut down and cleared; consequently eliminating the natural habitats of wildlife. This causes animals to migrate to new areas and seek refuge. Under certain, harsh
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Humans have a brain that has the capability of reasoning and thinking, which allows them to understand the concept of technology. Animals on the other hand do not have the ability to reason. Since animals do not realize that roads and highways are potentially dangerous, they are often killed. Every year thousands of animals are killed by cars because their homes are destroyed. Even though these killings are accidental, they still decrease the wildlife population.

"Road building associated with agriculture, logging, mining and urban development seriously impacts ecosystems in a number of ways."2 Dirt roads are usually built through forests, causing erosion and therefore degrading the quality of water in streams.3 Paved roads, unlike dirt roads, are not permeable.4 They cause water to drain elsewhere, often polluted with gasoline, oil, and lead off the road.5 "In addition, when roads cut through an ecosystem, further habitat degradation and fragmentation results."6 The polluted water may cause animals to become very ill, and sometimes they die. Even though roads seem harmless, they are very dangerous to nature. Building roads decreases the area that wildlife has to live. They end up inbreeding because they have no place left to go. This is happening to the Florida panther now. Due to lack of land, the panther is forced to mate within its own area

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