Wildlife Management: Why People Hunt? Essay

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Humans have been hunting on this planet for over two million years. Our ancestors used complex hunting techniques to ambush and kill antelopes, gazelles, and other large animals dated back to times before Christ. People all around the world still carry on the tradition, but the view on hunting is not the same as it was back then. The world is so industrialized, and people think hunting is cruel and useless because you can buy meat at grocery stores. But in reality, it is the reason the wildlife they see are not extinct. Harvesting game not only benefits the hunter with the meat, but also the land, the wildlife, and controls the game population; therefore, without it wildlife would starve, and land would not be managed. Hunting manages …show more content…
Each deer has enough food to eat and they have enough land to be wild. Towns like San Jose have allowed hunting in city limits due to wildlife overpopulation. Overpopulation can cause wildlife to enter city limits and that can cause car accidents, and disease outbreaks. Some areas are introducing new rules that allow a larger bag limit and extent hunting times. Female deer are also being harvested in some areas to bring the population down. These new rules will most likely only be practiced until the wildlife population drops to a safe level. This all benefits wildlife and makes sure they are healthy and safe. Harvesting game not only benefit the land and wildlife; it also helps out a family. Venison and other wild game meats are healthy and great sources of protein. Over forty meals can be made with a single deer, which can feed a family of four ten times. The price of a hunting license and game tag combined is around eighty dollars; that can really help out a family in need. Instead of buying beef at a store which came from a slaughter house, you can pay for a hunting license and a game tag, and go harvest a deer. That deer will put food on your table and keep the game population managed. Humans might not find benefit to the hide nowadays, but that is no reason not to hunt. Hunting is still beneficial to the animals and yourself. Controlling game population is another benefit to hunting. Many
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