Wilfred Owen Speech

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Good morning Turkish citizens, war veterans and fellow Australians, we gather here at this hour to commemorate the 100-Year anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign. Those of you out there I’m sure you can agree when I say ‘War is sweet for those who haven’t experienced it.’, the media showcasing it to the people as a heroic gesture that generally is executed by people risking their lives for their country. But it’s so much more than that. Some of you out there might disagree, ‘no no, war is nothing but a little game played by men who want to dish out the hero card, and nothing more than that.’ But that’s wrong, and let me tell you why. Disabled is a poem made by Wilfred Owen that outlines the aftermath of war in the perspective of a teenaged…show more content…
It runs off sadness, fear and denial. It also brings up a very strong feeling of independence, demonstrated by the female protagonist. Throughout the first 30 seconds of the video, there’s a transition of her comforting another lady to a picture of her husband, which had the rosary beads draped on top of it. It’s almost a metaphor that represents what she’s afraid will come of her husband on the battlefield, showing the gnawing anxiety that she must have been forced to endure each passing day. The non-diegetic music, which played during the montage, was to evoke emotion that was especially depressing, and succeeded in many aspects. The instrumental’s purpose is to wash the viewer with saddened feelings to bring them into the same perspective as the actors in the film; to acquire a level of understanding. As the seconds spanned on, the montage faded onto into of the reactions of the mothers that were being told of the bad news, and each were different. Some experienced instance sorrow, but ‘accepted’ the fact in a subtle sort of way, others were confused, and many underwent denial. This is exclusively seen in the first woman that was confronted with the news, in which she outright refused to believe her husband was dead. So yes, as the men who were fighting on the battlefield were ultimately affected by war in many shapes and forms, the families on the camps were also heavily involved in the emotional
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