Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Essay

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Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen was born on March 27, 1845 in Lennep, Germany to Friedrich and Charlotte Constance Roentgen. When he was three Wilhelm and his family moved to Apeldoorn, Nederland. His father owned a thriving cloth business so he was pretty well off. He lived right next to the Kostschool of Martinus Hermanus van Doorn, a boarding school with around eighty students, which he attended.
     He was expected after he graduated to go into his father's business and eventually inherit it. At sixteen, he finished van Doorn's school. His parents thought he was too young to start working, and he had a strong desire to learn, so a few years later, he ended up at the University of Utrecht. There was one problem
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Three years later, Wilhelm found himself a job at the Agricultural College in Hohenmeim, Germany as a professor of physics and mathematics. It was a small college where his physics laboratory had only one room. After a year, Professor Roentgen received a call from his old friend Professor Kundt, he said they needed a second chair for physics and on October 1, 1876, the Roentgens moved to Strassburg, Germany. He would stay there for three years.
     On April 1, 1879, four days after his thirty-fourth birthday, Roentgen received word that the University of Giessen in Germany was looking for a new professor of physics. The old one had died the previous Christmas and they needed a professor to 'tackle more basic problems.'; He was recommended by three professors who were considered greats. One of them was his old friend August Kundt. For the first time, he was going to be a full professor. Professor Roentgen would teach there for nine years, until 1888, when he went on to become a professor at the University of Wurzburg in Wurzburg, Germany.
     By the time Professor Roentgen went to Wurzburg, he was labeled a great scientist and was well respected. Many felt that he was the 'great German professor of the Victorian Age.'; When he moved, he brought his assistant, Ludwig Zehnder with him from Giessen to Wurzburg, just like Professor Kundt did with him. Roentgen has always been an efficient worker. Between the year 1889
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