Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen Essay

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Wilhelm Conrad RÖntgen

1845 - 1923
Wilhelm Conrad Ršntgen is a German physicist who was born on March 27, 1845 at Lennep in Germany. When he was three years old, his family moved to Apeldoorn in The Netherlands, where he attended a boarding school, the Institute of Martinus Herman van Doorn. While he was attending this school, he was very interested in making mechanical devices. This interest of his followed him through the rest of his life. Ršntgen later entered a technical school at Utrecht. In 1872 in Apeldorn, Ršntgen married Anna Bertha Ludwig of ZŸrich. They had no children, but in 1887 they adopted a daughter, Josephine Bertha Ludwig, who was the daughter of AnnaÕs only brother.

Ršntgen spent most of his years researching
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He also taught at German schools, and became the chair of physics at the University of Geissen. Some other interests and hobbies that he enjoyed, were spending time in the outdoors, vacations at his summer home at Weilheim (Bavarian Alps) entertaining friends and family, and mountaineering.

Wilhelm Conrad Ršntgen died in 1923. Throughout his life, he was awarded 85 honors and awards, with the first Noel Prize in physics as one.

Ršntgen's work on cathode rays led him to the discovery of a new kind of ray. On the evening of November 8, 1895 at the University of WŸrzburg Ršntgen's attention was drawn to a glowing fluorescent screen on a nearby table. He immediately determined that the fluorescence was caused by invisible rays originating from a glass tube, that he was using to study cathode rays. These unknown rays go through the opaque black paper that is wrapped around the tube. He found that if the discharge tube is enclosed in a sealed thick black carton to exclude all light, and if a paper plate was covered on one side with barium platinocyanide, and placed in the path of the rays, it would become fluorescent up to two meters away from the discharge tube. Ršntgen had discovered X-rays. This was an event that instantly revolutionized the field of physics and medicine. Before the discovery

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