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Todd Schueler Week 2 Assignment 1: Wilkerson Company Case Analysis Questions 3, 4, and 6 Saturday, April 05, 2014 3.) The estimated product costs for valves, pumps, and flow controllers using ABC for overhead activities (primarily Ex. 1 & 4) and direct cost data from the Exhibits are: * The Valves total product variable costs are $195,000, the Valves total fixed costs are $149,990.31 and the Activity Based Costing Valve cost per unit it $46. * The Pumps total product variable costs are $406,250, the Pumps total fixed costs are $316,501.94 and the Activity Based Costing Pumps cost per unit it $58. * The Flow Controllers total product variable costs are $128,000, the Flow Controllers total fixed costs are…show more content…
In using ABC overhead costs are distributed differently across the three products, but in total they are the same, in total. However, ABC changes the information that managers receive to make effective business decisions, which will ultimately result in improved business results. 6.) The Wilkerson Company original case is not effective and accurate without including an ABC analysis. ABC allowed us to assess the business performance of each of its businesses including: Valves, Pumps and Flow Controllers. This enabled us to realize that the Flow Controllers business is not profitable with a Gross Margin of -11.31%. I recommend specifically solving the problem of pre-tax margin going from 10% to less than 3%. The strategic decisions that need to be made are improving the unprofitable Flow Controllers business unit, while simultaneously increasing the sales of the more profitable Valves and Pumps business units. I would capitalize on the highest margin business of the Valves. Specifically, I would develop marketing strategies on how to grow market share in this business. I would assess what we are doing in this business and I would reapply it to our other businesses. This would include evaluating and eliminating costs in the other business units,

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