Will Bury's Price Elasticity

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Will Bury Price Elasticity Introduction Will Bury's e-publishing invention that can produce both digital text and understandable digitally-read text quickly from published books has the potential to completely disrupt digital publishing, digital recording and a wide spectrum of other training-related industries. His early efforts at selling the recordings and downloadable book files online have been disappointing, showing an apparent lack of price elasticity in the market. One of the fundamental shortcomings of his pricing strategies is their lack of agility as it relates to a value-based pricing strategy. Will needs to realize that the content of the books and their reputation for scarcity versus ubiquity has a direct effect on their price elasticity curves (Xu, 2007). Will needs to also do a significantly greater level of experimentation with pricing to determine how the customers he is attracting to his website view the recordings from a value, substitution pricing theory, and scarcity versus ubiquity standpoint. Static pricing for digitally-enabled and distributed goods often fails to capture the nuances in product demand including an accurate assessment of the demand curve (Clay, Smith, Wolff, 2006). These are foundational elements of any pricing elasticity study, and Will has just a small proportion of the data he needs to define an optimal pricing strategy for the digitally enabled books and recordings. The following section provides an analysis of key questions

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