Will Donald Trump Be The Next President?

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Who did you want to be the next president? Because Donald Trump was elected president on November 8th. When Donald Trump did good in the campaign, He was the Republican nominee. Hillary Clinton was running against him. He said he is going to get rid of Obamacare, build a wall, and not allow Muslims in America. Also, he is gonna make America better again
How did he win the election? He won swing states like Florida , Ohio and Pennsylvania, mostly blue collar working voters. Hillary failed at getting votes because people didn't trust her. Not all people, but some people trusted Donald Trump more than Hillary
How will Donald Trump be as president? He will become president on Jan 20th, 2017.
He will make America better with more jobs. I think he is going to make a wall between the United States and Mexico. I think that Donald Trump will be a good president.
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Donald Trump said that he is going to make the education of America better. Donald Trump said that he is going to step away from his business December 15, 2016, so he can get ready for the White House. He suggests remedies that raised questions of constitutionality like a ban on Muslims entering the United States. From the moment he entered the campaign with a shocking set of claims that Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals, Mr. Trump was widely underestimated as a candidate, first by his opponent for the Republican nomination, and later by Mrs. Clinton his Democratic
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