Will I Survive High School?

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Year 7 Life

You walk into the school, on the first day. Can you hear that? It’s the ring of the bell. Ding…ding…ding! Or something like that. You’ll hear the school bell ring 10 times a day! Butterflies and nerves start filling your stomach and your whole body in a matter of seconds. Your heart starts beating and thumping 100 kilometres an hour, as loud as a jumbo jet. Thoughts start racing through your mind- “Am I going to make friends?” “Will I survive high school?” Those sort of questions aren’t as rare as most people might think. All the nerves, the worries and negative thoughts are very common and shared amongst most, if not all Year 7 students transitioning into high school.

There’s so much to think about. The homework, the social life, the workload, and much more! That’s why in Term 1, all Year 7s are split up into several groups, and each group is provided with 2 Peer Support Leaders. Each group will be taken out of class once a week, and they will be shown around the school. The teachers, the classrooms and the students. All Peer Support Leaders are hand-picked, ensuring that all Year 7 students have the smoothest transition possible into their new lives at high school.

“Is there a lot of homework?” That is the question on so many young minds of incoming students. That question does tend to cross most young minds upon transition into secondary school, and when the question is answered, a whole lot of weight is lifted off many people’s shoulders. Answering that…

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