Will Instruction Alleviate Anxiety and Increase Speaker Effectiveness?

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Management of an organization had five employees who needed to be trained in public speaking, and were willing to fund a 12-hour training program. An instructional unit (Appendix A) was constructed stipulating the instructional goal and included the list of the skills that needed to be taught, the performance objectives, and the lesson plans that would meet these objectives. The design of the instructional unit was based on results of a needs analysis conducted earlier. To measure the anxiety levels, my approach was to create a questionnaire (Appendix B) that each participant must complete before and after instruction. The open-ended questions were the same for both pre and post intervention. The qualitative data obtained from the questionnaires were compared in order to validate the changes in anxiety levels.
Each participant had already been evaluated for public speaking as part of an interview process. However, they had “utterly failed in several, if not all aspects of public speaking” according to their managers. On completion of the training program, the participants’ public speaking skills were evaluated in the form of an achievement test. The participants were given the same business topic that was used at the interview performance to create an outline and deliver a 15-minute speech to an audience.…
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