Will Jamaica Self-Destruct? Essay

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Will Jamaica Self-Destruct? Jamaica is an island paradise, located in the northern Caribbean, approximately 145 km south of Cuba and 160 km west of Haiti, with a population of about 2,553,600 million people in 1997 and a land area of 11,000 km/sq. The country has had a low and steady population growth rate of 1.0 percent in 1997. Tourism is Jamaica’s most important industry besides the mining of bauxite (accounts for more than half of exports). It is the country’s largest foreign exchange earner, (generating approximately US$965 million annually) and is still one of its fastest growing industries. These profitable service industries depend on the island and its natural beauty–pure air, abundant sunshine, and clean sandy beaches. This…show more content…
In a survey conducted by the OAS results indicate that the majority of visitor hours are spent in outdoor activities. These activities were listed in order of popularity from most to least: general sporting activities (running), snorkeling/scuba diving, beach/sunbathing/swimming, and dance clubs/bars. Activities such as cultural exhibitions, handicrafts (painting, making dolls and straw hats) and shopping are available. But are less popular. The beaches in Jamaica are one of the most widely used natural resources. Public beaches, especially those that are well equipped and maintained have a steady number of users throughout the year and are heavily used on public holidays. Jamaica has about 28 significant offshore islands and cays, the majority of which are off the island’s south coast. The intensive development of the cays for recreational purposes have been curbed, due to the their soft and light environment. Only Lime Cay off the coast of Port Royal is used as a recreational site for sunbathing and picnics. Around the north coast and along sections of the south coast are long coral reef chains that provide habitat for numerous species of fish and other marine life. These excellent recreational areas are known for diving and glass-bottom boat viewing. The principal resort areas are located in the island’s north coast where wind and wave action, which smash down on the offshore coral reefs, help to develop and sustain the impressive

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