Will Robots Render Humans Jobless?

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Jagjit Bhatia Mrs. Derrow English III 3 November, 2015 Will Robots Render Humans Jobless? A man walks into his office. He is greeted by a robot who brings him his coffee: a Pumpkin Spice Latte with exactly a tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice, a quarter cup of brewed espresso, and perfect amounts of cream and sugar. The man walks to his office area and sits down in front of his computer, in which he opens up an analytics software that gives him information regarding the amount of work achieved by each of his robots. A group of supervisors and managers monitor the robots, ensuring that each task is completed. This is the work environment of the future, a work environment in which humans are no longer the workers and, instead, are the managers and administrators: A work environment in which humans are the bosses. While machines are increasingly replacing humans in the workforce, robots and machines will not render humans jobless and will, instead, provide more employment opportunities for people in the future since qualities such as human-to-human interaction, creativity, and human intelligence will always be in demand and can never be replaced by a machine of any sort. In order to deeply investigate the issue of future jobs for humans, it is vital for one to know the basics of the job market. The job market, as with any other market, runs on supply and demand. This means that when there is a low supply of a job and a high demand for it, the salaries for that job skyrocket.

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