Will The Picture Of Dorian Gray Remain A Classic?

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Persuasive essay - Will The Picture of Dorian Gray remain a classic? The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, today, is considered a classical philosophical fiction novel, albeit an unusual one that was condemned by society upon its initial publication for its “outrageous” thoughts and ideals that it presented. The themes presented in this novel, however, are still relevant today as it was 127 years ago. Oscar Wilde himself still remains a widely known figure, and he displays his distinctive writing style consistently and effectively throughout the entire story. These facts are not something that will change in the next 50, or even 100 years. This novel will remain a classic and will continue to teach the ideals of Oscar Wilde to readers of all future eras and beyond. One element of this novel that will allow it to be known as a classic is the author himself. You may have heard of the name Oscar Wilde before. He was a renowned London-based poet, playwright and…show more content…
Some of these themes - such as the extravagant lifestyle of the high class, may have left a stronger impression back in the author’s time, but manages to remain a theme that is still seen in modern day literature. Classic novels always succeed in creating timeless themes, which is something Wilde also succeeds in with Dorian Gray. Within the tale of the downwards spiral of Dorian Gray’s life, readers can see how much influence one man can bring to another, the fragility of beauty, and the questioning of the meaning of “art”. These themes are still applicable to society and its problems today, despite the novel itself being 127 years old as of this year. There is no reason why these themes should not be relevant 50 years later, as the nature of man and society fundamentally have remained the same since the beginning of
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