Will The Real Me Please Stand Up Essay

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This poem was written by A.L Hendricks or also known as Arthur Lemiére Hendricks. It does not say when it was written. “Will the real me please stand up” appears in standard English. It is in a book called “The poetry of men’s lives: an international anthology. The poem is a confessional because it examines personal memories and experiences. At first the titles meaning is not that obvious. The title as I have mentioned before is “Will the real me please stand up”. But after you read the poem it becomes quite obvious what the title means. The poem talks about how they are trying to find themselves, the “real them.” In my opinion the title only means this. It would not make sense as anything else. The first line is “as soon as I saw I was naked,”…show more content…
Hendricks, 31-33). When it comes to point of time, there is none. The poem focuses only on the identity of the human. There are no elements to specify time. We do not know if there are gaps. The speaker of the poem is a human being that we do not know the sex of. The speaker is universal, and can be any sex at any time. They talk in first person using I, me, and my. The speaker is talking directly to the reader. The only real rhyme there is are two verses. “The circus was in town, a clown! That’s it I thought, a clown! But I didn’t like the laughter it got me down,” (A.L. Hendricks, 11-13). And, “tin-hat, wig of judge, robe of priest, I tried them all, for a while at least,” (A.L. Hendricks, 14-15). Because of the last words in each line rhyme with the last word of the sentence above it. The mood of the poem changes as it goes on. It starts with frustration and depression. Then moves to curiosity. After that comes acceptance. The mood shifts as they continue their journey of finding themselves. The tone of the poet is anxious, serious, doubtful, and reflective. Anxious and doubtful because they do not know who they really
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