Will Use of Stimulants While Pregnant Affect the Infant? Essay example

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Stimulants are considered as a drug and are commonly used today. The question is will use of stimulants while pregnant affect the infant. A pregnant woman can be prescribed stimulants (Antidepressants) because of them being depressed and stressed out about everything that is occurring in their life while pregnant, but what many people do not see is it going to affect the infant long-term. Most mothers want what is best for their child and they want to make sure that their child is going to have a healthy life as much as possible. Is it safe to take the antidepressants while pregnant and will there be any risk factors? There is mainly a biological and environmental that reflect a child’s senses and development.
The biological part that
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The infants whom were exposed to the drug accelerated perceptual. The infants that were defined with the depressed mood from mother failed the test. So basically, the infants that experienced the antidepressant and the depression of the mother changed the development in the child’s milestones on speech perception task.
There was a case-controlled study that was performed using data from the pregnancy registry in Quebec. It showed the some doctors prescribed the woman the antidepressants to help with their depression and moods. There was one woman whom had a psychiatric disorder before the study took place. The antidepressant exposure was shown according to the months of the trimesters of use and what type of antidepressant they took. The infants born small for gestational age cases showed that the infants with a birth weight less to the tenth percentile following the Canadian charts. There were also, the relative risk took into factor. They were changed and shifted due to possible confounders.
The results showed that there are only about 13.6 out of 128 infants born small for gestational age. It showed that venlafaxine was commonly used after the first trimester in the second. That is where the risk went up for the small gestational for age occurred mostly. It was compared with the ones who did not use any antidepressants and showed a relative risk of about ninety-five percent risk. In the end, there was no
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