Will We End Up Like Brave New World Essay

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Welcome to this society where we need to never worry about scientific advancements. Our World has a slight chance to end up like Brave New World. If our world just focuses on mutating and changing Genes we would end up making babies out of machines. These are the reasons our society might end up like Brave New World: Drug dependent, too many rules, too much power to one person. I believe that we could end up like Brave New World. The first possibility is that we become too dependent on drugs. Whenever they feel like they are scarred they take a drug called Soma. They also take soma when they are sad. They are also injected with drugs when they are being made in the factories. This is why they are dependent on drugs. This society also has a lot of rules you need to follow. For instance when the babies are being made they inject them with drugs and harsh chemicals. They are also not allowed to learn about their past. They can’t even go to certain places without permission. These are some of the pretty screwed up rules they have.…show more content…
For instance when Bernard wanted to bring Linda and John back to society with him he needed the controller’s permission. Also when Bernard was at the savage reservation the director moved Bernard to the Iceland foundation without the controller’s permission. Plus the controllers can do whatever they wish. This is why they give too much power to just one man. I believe our society could end up like Brave New World. If our society. If our society just focuses on gene mutation and changing them we might end up like Brave New World. These are the three things for how we could end up like Brave New World: Drug dependence, Rules, and power to only on person. If we let our society end up like that it would be terrible and in order to change we need to put the majority of our research into something else like space travel. Science can go a little too
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