Will You Have An Enterprise Wide System?

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Will you have an Enterprise-Wide System? Discuss the options and why you will or will not use each. (Hint: TPS, ERP, CRM, SCM) I will have a CRM enterprise wide. The reason for that is my company is all about managing customer information. We need to have a system in which we can maintain the customer contact information. Anytime a customer contacts us, we need to be able to keep the data in a common place so that any of my employees can respond to their questions. ERP it is an enterprise resource program and for in the initial stage for the size of the company I might invest in this when my company grows and becomes a publicly traded company. For that size it will be a cost beneficial investment. SCM is the supply chain management is for production and logistics environment. Since my business focus is not either one of those I will not use SCM.

What kind of database(s) will you use and what kind of data will you need to capture? Will you need a Data Warehouse and/or Data Mart? Why or why not? Will you mine the data and if so, what kind of patterns will you be seeking? Will you need an Expert System? Explain.

I will use oracle database and SQL Server. Not sure if would need to use Teradata, because of the size of the data. Yes I will need data warehousing and or data mart. Data warehousing is a single, complete and consistent store of data obtained from a variety of different sources made available to end. I will be using data warehousing for knowledge
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