Essay on Will to Survive Depicted in Levi's, Survival in Aushwitz

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In Primo Levi’s “Survival in Aushwitz”, there are a few different themes present throughout this entire gruesome yet inspiring book. The themes that show up mostly in this book are the will to survive, as well as the theme of a man being stripped of everything that makes them a man. Throughout the book the reader sees the different ways the author as well as the other camp members are tortured, and kept waiting for their deaths. The reader also sees the will to survive from the camp members, as well as how their relationships develop although they are put their without their family and friends from their homes. Levi was an Italian Jew and chemist, who at the age of twenty-five, was arrested with an Italian resistance group and sent to…show more content…
With Survival in Auschwitz, Primo Levi provides a stark examination of human survival in the dehumanized society of a Nazi death camp. Throughout the book, Levi reinforces the theme that the prisoners of the death camp are reduced to being no longer men, but instead animals that must struggle to survive day by day or face certain death. The story also brings to light the prisoners unrelenting hope and courage during all of this dehumanization, even though they knew they could die any moment, they still possessed such courage to develop relationships with each other as well as keep their heads up. In Chapter 2, appropriately titled "On the Bottom", Levi discusses his experience of being processed as a prisoner into Auschwitz, and the realization that they will not be treated with any human regard. He and all the prisoners who arrive with him are stripped of everything they own and are shaved, disinfected, and tagged like they were livestock. Once the prisoners have been processed and they see what they have become, Levi describes the extreme of treatment as "the demolition of a man" and all realize that "It is not possible to sink lower than this, no human condition is more miserable than this, nor could it conceivably be so." Levi weaves the theme of freedom and respect

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