Willa Cather's Characterization Technique in Neighbor Rosicky

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Willa Cather's Characterization Technique in Neighbor Rosicky " Neighbor Rosicky ", written in 1928 and collected in the volume Obscure Destinies in 1932, is generally considered one of Willa Cather's most successful short stories. It is a character study of Anton Rosicky, a man who, facing the approach of death, reflects on the meaning and value of his life. In tracing Rosicky's journey from Bohemia to Nebraska,Cather explores the intimate relationship between people and the paces they inhabit. The story also celebrates the small triumphs of life. ( Wilson 1) The protagonist, Neighbor Rosicky is presented from the point of view of an observer, an omniscient narrator, who enters the consciousness of several different…show more content…
His eyes suggest an inquiring and open-minded person; his forehead and the deep lines that cross it shows that we have to deal with a wise, calm, thoughtful man; and also his features imply a person that had a hard life, which didn't break him down, but on the contrary, he seems to possess spiritual harmony. There is also another passage in which the author describes his appearance, but this time she enters the mind of the farmer's wife, Mary. It is hard to see anyone who has become like your own body to you. Yes, hi hair had got thin, and his high forehead had deep lines running from left to right. But his neck, always clean-shaved except i the busiest seasons, was not loose or baggy. It was burned a dark reddish brown, and there were deep creases in it, but it looked firm and full of blood. His cheeks had a good colour. On either side of his mouth there was a half-moon down the length of his cheek, not wrinkles, but two lines that had come there from his habitual expression. He was shorter and broader when she married him; his back had grown broad and curved, a good deal like the shell on the turtle, and his arms and legs were short. It can be imagined that, however she descries her husband as a changed man under the hardships of life and it is true that time had its effects on his body, but he is not a broken, sickly old man. She carefully watches him and sees that he is yet her handsome and

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