William Armitage And Robert Browning 's The Clown Punk And The Last Duchess

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Explore the ways writers present strong feelings and/or feelings Both Simon Armitage and Robert Browning who wrote “ The clown punk” and “The last Duchess use form and structure to communicate “a voice”. sentiment dramatic monologue form feeling of murder, mystery, jealousy naive nature of the duchess many features range The poem Ozymandias written by Percy Shelley is about the narrator who meets a person that tells him about a story on what he saw. Ozymandias shows the nature of power of corruption over time. It is deeply ironic that the statue that is mentioned in the poem, of ozymandias, is broken and is in ruins. It is ironic because when Ozymandias was alive he thought he was powerful and untouchable . He thought he was the “king of kings”. This quote shows how Ozymandias thought of himself showing how pride has gone to his head . and he thought that he was better than all the kings, his attitude was very arrogant and conceited . Percy Shelley writes this poem in the form of a sonnet, typically written about love. He manipulates the poem to make it his own and fit in with the content. If the reader reads out the poem, they will pick up on the loose use of iambic pentameter. Half rhyme and assonance is also used which ruins the flow and makes the poem sound fractured. The poem has a very irregular pattern in which it mimics the decay by eventually altering the original rhyming pattern till it disappears with odd pattern. “Half sunk , a shatter’d visage lies” Only

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