William Blake Argument

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“Did he who made the Lamb make thee?” –William Blake, The Tyger. This line in particular turns William Blake’s poem from simple to complex. This line shows that there is two very strong sides to Blake’s thinking. Why would God create such a terrifying creature, as the tiger, when it only causes harm? In The Lamb, Blake describes God as meek and mild. However, if God is meek and mild, how could He possible create such a beast? As many read these two poems, they step back and wonder, which side do they follow? Should we believe God to be all good, or is there a darker side to this story? A common defense for the tiger would be, “God works in mysterious ways,” or, “It’s all of God’s plan.” Nevertheless, that is not a direct answer. Why does He…show more content…
I have been to multiple churches whilst living in Worland. Those being; Church of Christ, Zion Church, Church of Latter Day Saints, and St Mary Magdalen Catholic Church. Each one was a completely different experience, but I have yet to find one I wish to join or follow. For the time being I identify as an agnostic. The exact definition of an agnostic is a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. So when I was asked to choose a side for this essay, I had a hard time committing. Maybe one day I will decide on a religion, but I’m currently in no rush and enjoy sleeping in on…show more content…
One thing I like religion for is the morals. Many religions believe that you shouldn’t put harmful things into your body. They may also promote abstinence or not dating until a certain age. They can also contradict their good morals with something such as being homosexual is bad. I do not believe gay marriage is wrong, so I would not be able to fully commit to that religion if that was one of the beliefs. What are the benefits to being a tiger? A tiger may tell you that they don’t have to deal with the religious “fluff.” By fluff I mean all the stuff a religion includes other than simply having faith. An example being, going to church, or attending other church gatherings. This is true, and it is something I quite enjoy while not being devoted to a church. Tigers often have strong reasoning as to why they are a tiger. One common reason is they were once hurt. If God exist, why would He allow for any hurt to happen? When they needed him most, where was He? I have yet to have something happen to me to make me throw the idea of God completely out the window, but that does not mean it has not happened to others. I completely respect their choice and if they wish to be a tiger, so be
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