William Blake, Born On November 28, 1757 In London, United

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William Blake, born on November 28, 1757 in London, United Kingdom, wrote “A Poison Tree” to explain to everyone the wrong doings of the Church by teaching people to suppress their anger and the “evil” within them as that will only enhance their resentment furthermore. Inspired by his religion, “A Poison Tree” was written as an attempt to inform people about the problems that are created when one does not address the issue or their anger when it is still minor and resolvable. When grudges are kept unresolved, the person and the people around them are negatively impacted by the consequences of the grudge. He wanted to teach people that holding grudges hinders personal growth by making one bitter and creating a need for vengeance. In order…show more content…
The author ‘finding’ his enemy underneath his tree means that he wasn’t in control of what he was doing when he had killed or hurt his enemy, proving Blake’s point that suppressing rage can cause people to do things that they would not usually do. The imagery in the poem allows the reader to better comprehend the significance and meaning behind Blake’s words.
In addition to imagery, Blake incorporates symbolism in his poem numerous times to emphasize that the suppressing of anger will cause it to grow eventually and later, cause an eruption with all of the animosity within. The title symbolizes how rage and the evil within a person can develop further just like a tree when it is given the proper conditions. The audience can assume that the “tree” in the poem symbolizes the anger of the speaker as the poem explains how hard the speaker works to keep the anger from showing, but that just makes it easier for his true feelings to reveal as the size of his anger was too much for him to bare. The growth of the tree increases to the extent of it actually “bore[ing] an apple” (Blake). Blake was specific to choose an apple tree because the tree alludes to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad in the Bible. Although, it isn’t specified that the tree is an apple tree, traditionally it is assumed that it is. In the Bible, the story of the forbidden apple relates to

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