William Blake 's The Tiger Essay

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William Blake was born in London in 1757 to James and Catherine Blake; an artisan and a craftsmen by trade, the parents taught young Blake to appreciate the finer and refined aspects of life—such a music, art (especially engravements and paintings), and the written word. Blake’s early life was filled with religious adventures; due to, the many apprenticeships he underwent through churches, where he learned the art of engraving and illustration. In 1783, Blake published his first collection of works; however, Blake’s most well know pieces were “The Song Innocence” and “The Songs of Experiences”, which were published within years of each other. “The Tiger” was published as a companion poem to Blake’s former poem “The Lamb”; with “The Lamb” questioning aspects of purity of life and “The Tiger” questioning what happens when innocence is lost. Furthermore, due to his religious background, many of Blake’s works are highly influenced by the idea of holiness, purity, and innocence and the corruptment of these subjective concepts. However, according to Paul Miner, a prolific writer on Blake and his career, the uttermost influence on Blake’s creative character was John Milton (479). In fact, Miner asserts that “The Tiger” was virtually entirely impacted by Milton’s works. Moreover, “The Tiger” can be summarized into an allegory of inquiring if the same omniscient being created the tiger and the lamb. The speaker also asks questions concerning several aspects; for instance, each
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