William Blake's Poem : The Chimney Sweeper With A Dream

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Neglected Chimney Sweeper with A Dream
Living as an orphan is a terrifying picture for most, but adding child labor makes it nearly unbearable. How can one who is so young find the hope that is needed to keep living? The Bible clearly addresses orphans in hopeless situations. Psalm 68:5-6 gives the orphan some hope to hold onto “The True God who inhabits sacred space is a father to the fatherless…He makes a home for those who are alone.” (The Voice Translation). William Blake’s poem “The Chimney Sweeper” captivates the reader's imagination, though colorful expressions and literary devices. The artist of this poem conveys the tragic story of a boy sold into the chimney sweeping business the theme of loss of childhood innocence is conveyed brilliantly through symbolism, imagery, and allegory furthermore, the boy finds hope and happiness amid dire circumstances.
A British chimney is where this poem unfolds. The chimney is dark and dirty. Additionally, the setting reflects the young speaker’s grim life. Furthermore, it is a symbol of impurity and tragedy. The children sleep in shoot, but ironically in Toms dream it is a lovely landscape. There is no break of this environment for these children.
The author informs the readers that the speaker is a young orphan boy. Moreover, most individuals who analyze this poem believe he is under the age of five due to his inability to speak clearly. His mother dies, one may expect that the mourning family would band together, but his father
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