William Bradford Lead English Christians On A Ship Named The Mayflower

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William Bradford lead English Christians on a ship named the Mayflower. When they hit Plymouth, Massachusetts, they had good hope with a fresh start with the guidance of God. They quickly ran in to harsh conditions and some of the crew died off. The pilgrims were shown hoe to harvest crops from the help of the Native Americans. The pilgrims were shown how to grow the number one crop corn. The pilgrims were the first to colonize the United States of America. Sugar was found in West Africa. Sugar was traded through routes across the Atlantic to the Americas and became the most popular resource. Many of the African were brought over to the Americas by force with the shipping of sugar. The episode titled “Revolutions” started in New England where the first settlers hard times and established residents on stable ground. Many of the settlers were led to flee because of the fear of being stabbed to death. Native American tribes were said to be the devil by the puritans in Salem, Massachusetts. The puritans suspected that both men and women were both practicing witchcraft. Mostly women, a few men, and few children were executed. The practice of witchcraft was only known to Salem. The eastern coast line of North America grew very fast forcing some to move west to find more land to settle. There was an adventure into the Siberian wilderness on the other side of the globe. Large amounts of snow covered Siberia. Fur became one of the most popular resources at the time to keep warm. The

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