William Brickman and Paulo Freire

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William Brickman and Paulo Freire were two famous educators that brought their own ideas and contributions to the education field. They shared some similarities, differences, challenges, and an overall positive impact on education that is with us today. The contribution of Brickman and Freire Brickman’s Contribution Brickman thought it was essential to have comparative education, which is the idea that professionals in the education field be exposed to different cultures, living in a different country, learning to speak the language, sharing and gaining knowledge with their counterparts, and gaining insight in the diversity of education.( Silova & Brehm,2010) Brickman founded the Comparative education society. He set up the first…show more content…
The bank concept is the concept that teachers teach what they want and the learners listen, teachers decide what they will teach and what the learner will learn. Dialogue is the term used to describe a mutual respect of teaching and learning, where both parties contribute and have a mutual respect for one another. (Flanagan, 2005) Similarities between Brickman and Freire Both men were raised in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods. Brickman was raised in the Lower East side of New York, where he was exposed to a variety of multilingual languages, media, and parents who spoke a variety of languages. Brickman as a young child was exposed to different cultures and history. (Silova & Brehm, 2010). Freire’s family found themselves in financial crisis after the Wall Street crashed in 1929 and his father took a financial loss that resulted in the family moving to a lower socioeconomic area in Brazil. (Flanagan, 2005). This financial crisis allowed Freire to witness firsthand the poverty of the peasants and the effect it had on their education. (Flanagan, 2005). The similarities of both educators living in poor conditions seemed to be a motivator for both men’s contribution to the education field. The differences between Brickman and Freire Brickman focused on comparative education, and promoting the idea of professionals in education to travel around the world and learn about different countries and their

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