William Carlos Williams attended Horace Mann High School, where he began to practice poetry. He

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William Carlos Williams attended Horace Mann High School, where he began to practice poetry. He started attending after he and his mother and brother returned to the United States. At this time he also decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor and writer. When he finished high school he enrolled into the Philadelphia University. He was a 19 year old student he went to study the medical field and received an MD. Before he began to work full time at the hospital, he was an intern. Later he became a full time doctor, he stayed in the medical area for at least forty years. After college he became more engrossed in his personal writing. His writings are important to literature because he contributed to helping younger poets. A lot of…show more content…
Their father also read Dante and the Bible to them frequently. Williams was taught around literature and arts. When Williams was a teenager his mother, Raquel took he and his brother, Edgar to for two years so they could study in Switzerland and France. They went to the Château de Lancy close to Geneva and the Lycée Condorcet in Paris. After Williams’s made their way back to the United States in 1899, their father, William Gorge enrolled them into Horace Mann High School. In this most important time period, Williams found his love for poetry at Horace Mann High School. He also had other interest in school; he like mathematics and science. His parents pushed him to be a perfectionist and a hard worker to accomplish these dreams of success that they had for him. Williams frequently visited New York with the Greenwich Valley people. Contently he reached further and further into the public eye. He started hanging around a New Jersey crowd. He became unhappy in his marriage and had affairs with other women as he traveled continuously. In 1909, Williams had his first book published and later on Pound’s publisher, published his collection “The Tempers” in London. He wrote many poems, essays, plays, and short stories. Williams wrote a lot in his free time; he would be on a break at the hospital and sit down and write. His writing was a continuous hobby on the side, until Williams eventually began to write full time and retired from being an MD. After writing his first
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