William Charles Wentworth: A Brief Biography

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William Charles Wentworth was an explorer, author, barrister, landowner and statesman was the son of Catherine Crowley and D’arcy Wentworth. He was born on August 13 1790 in New South Wales, Australia. William’s mother who was convicted at the Staffordshire Assizes in July 1788 of feloniously stealing wearing apparel was sentenced to transportation for seven years. Reached Sydney in the transport Neptune in June 1790 and in the Surprize arrived at Norfolk Island with the infant William on 7 August. His father D’arcy Wentworth was also aboard the ship and he named his son William. William stayed with his parents for the trip to Sydney and after that to Parramatta in 1796 as he did not have a carer to stay with. In 1800 his mother sadly passed away. He and his father went to…show more content…
He was an untidy person and a scruffy personality. He usually spoke in a bombastic way. He also spoke in a rhetorical or sarcastic way but he showed a keen eye for detail. He knew that his father was slighted by the exclusives, that 'aristocratic body' who, he later wrote, 'would monopolize all situations of power, dignity, and emolument … and raise an eternal barrier of separation between their offspring and the offspring of the unfortunate convict': and the knowledge bred in him a determination to destroy their power. Yet he knew that he was no leveller or democrat. He thought that people should be free but free to rise. He was a monopolist at heart. He had an adventurous spirit and the desire to discover new things. That desire led him in May 1813 along with Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson, four servants, four horses, and five dogs, to take part in the first great feat of inland exploration, the crossing of the Blue Mountains. He later wrote The boundless Champaign burst upon our sight Till nearer seen the beauteous landscape grew, Op'ning like Canaan on rapt Israel's
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