William Congreve Comedy

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The Restoration Era (1660-1700) in England apparently implies the restoring of the monarchy with King Charles IIto the throne no sooner the Commonwealth dissolved. This period brought a conspicuously renewed English lifestyle and literature with the comedy of manner as the dominant form, pioneered by William Congreve with his play ‘The Way of the World’ as the finest of the comedies of manner ever crafted by his contemporaries,although it had certain influence of Moliere’s old comedy ‘Les Preciuses Ridicules.’ The comedy of manner aimed to ridicule the manner, adultery, convention and intricacies of the upper class society. Congreve’s much applauded literature ‘The Way of the World’ is purely the comedy of manner, that paints the lifestyle…show more content…
It was a customary practice for men and women to have free and unbound love and romance circle in the society. But it was determined by the financial prosperity of the individuals. Love was associated with wealth in order to ensure family security and happiness. It is lucidly depicted in the play in the form of the love between Mirabel and Millamant as the best instance and even with Marwood and MrFainall, Foible and Waitwell.Money is a certainly disquiet for many of the characters in Congreve’s play. At the same time, the existence of greed is unveiled in the form of Fainall’s desire to have all of Wishfort’s fortune or as much as he can rip off. William Congreve shows a more prominent connection between familial and romantic love and the desire for money as a means of financial security to married couples. This is indispensably concerned for it suggests that the sentiment of love alone is not enough to construct a romantic relationship on or to protect family bonds. Money is really an essential ingredient of love as money provides for a comfortable life, which then allows one to enjoy one’s love. In the play “The Way of the World”,Fainall craves to obtainWishfort’s fortune to support his mistress Mrs. Marwood. Furthermore, Mirabell cannot simply elope with Millamant. If this occurs, they would lose her £6,000 inheritance, a fact which Fainall intends in his scheme. Even with the bonds of love that connect family members, money plays a central role. Lady Wishfort has control over the accounts of her daughter Mrs. Fainall and her niece Millamant. But in addition to using money to coerce her family members, Wishfort is also in charge of maintaining the family’s finances so these women have a nest egg when they come of age or
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