William Edward Deming on Quality

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Today, if one were to ask for the definition of quality amongst the general public, one would expect to hear several different answers. Some believe quality is doing things the right way, while others may find that quality is fitness for purpose or meeting a customer’s expectations. (Dewark, 2014) Many businesses and customers have their own definition of quality that may be acceptable because there is no all-encompassing way to describe it. But the diverse responses one would receive today truly represent how much the concept of quality has grown and expanded. In contrast, after World War II (WWII), many businesses and customers had minimal understanding of what quality truly was. It was after WWII that people began to put a more concentrated emphasis on quality, and one of the many great advocates to bring about this change was William Edward Deming. (Stevenson, 2011) Deming devoted much of his life to understanding and improving quality, from his time and work in Japan to Deming’s development of quality philosophies, and today Deming is revered amongst businesspeople around the world for his advancements in the field of quality. Deming was born in Iowa on October 14, 1900 on a farm to an agricultural family. Deming studied at several different universities and earned degrees in engineering and mathematics as well as a Ph.D. in physics from Yale University. (London Continuum, 2006) Due to his intellect and background in agriculture, Deming worked for the U.S. Department
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