William F. Buckley, Jr. Essay

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William F. Buckley, JR. “Why Don’t we complain” first appeared in Esquire in 1961.
In this essay Buckley aims to convince his readers that America is too lazy to even mention their own predicaments. He then goes on to explain Americans passive acceptance of circumstances. In doing this he uses several anecdotes based on his past, using careful diction and to keep his audience engaged he sprinkles in rhetorical questions. Buckley opens his essay with a personal anecdote describing the acceptance of “whatsoever” he realizes that outside it was below freezing temperature and in the train it was 85 degrees. Buckley explains how the train conductor went back and forth through the aisle and not a single person moaned. There were ample amounts
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Shortly after capturing the reader's interest with the introductory anecdote, He uses another anecdote to show Americans passive acceptance of circumstances. In the following anecdote he is at a movie theater and the movie is out of focus and he turns to his wife and she tells him to wait a minute it will be alright in a minute. It never becomes focus and it is blurry. He then assumes a list of what could happen: a) someone who works there see the blur and fix it; or b) someone seated at the top next to the movie workers make a complaint; or c) the whole movie would explode and people into catcalls and foot stamping, calling dramatic attention to the irksome distortion. In this process he waited and waited until the movie was done. The viewers didn’t complain they accepted the blur and accustomed their eyes to it. He goes on to say that everyone thought someone was going to take the initiative to complain to the manager. He then gives us an example why this happen he says that “the reason this happen is because we are all increasingly anxious in America to be unobtrusive, we are reluctant to make our voice heard, hesitant about claiming our rights; afraid to cause unjust, that it is ambiguous”. In this statement we could
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