William F. Buckley's Why DonT We Complain?

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Why Don’t We Complain Essay?
In “Why Don't We Complain?", William F. Buckley, Jr. addresses how Americans are having the tendency to sit back and accept what comes, to purely endure what happens to them. I think that Buckley’s ideas on passive compliance and heedless insurance are precise and effective.
Passive compliance refers to sitting through the problem without stepping up to correct and in this essay, Buckley reflects on his own experiences throughout the essay with complaints about society, and basically, says that everyone must complain to achieve what they want in life. That they need to speak up.
Buckley, in the last line of a long paragraph 5, paragraph 6, paragraph 8, describes his experience in a movie theater where the movie was out of focus and everyone sat through it anyway; in which they were most likely waiting for someone else to complain. “The picture is out of focus” “The movie ended, as it had begun, just out of focus, and as we trooped out, we stretched our faces in a variety of contortions to accustom the eye to the shock of normal focus’” (Buckley Jr, 1960 p372)
He describes the movie saying that Buckley also explains on, heedless endurance which also relates to sitting through a problem without voicing one’s opinion. A heedless endurance means that people are not voicing their opinions at all or enough. But after the line, “That tendency to passive compliance, to a heedless endurance is something to keep one’s eyes on- in sharp focus.” (Buckley

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