William Faulkner 's A Rose For Emily

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Is William Faulkner 's "A Rose for Emily" iconic American literature? Faulkner uses setting, theme and plot to show the ways “A Rose for Emily” is an iconic American literature. Faulkner saw the Forum magazine with his short story he wrote, “A Rose for Emily” and found out that was his first national publication. The Mississippi Writers Page says, “The man himself never stood taller than five feet, six inches tall, but in the realm of American literature, William Faulkner is a giant” (MWP). In “A Rose for Emily” the setting gives readers value and beliefs to help the audience understand the short story. The setting of the short story is post- civil war, in a small town in the south. Faulkner uses the post-civil war as a specific time frame to help readers understand the background and the beliefs of the characters with in the story. Since the townspeople are weirdly fascinated by Miss Emily being stuck in the older times, the setting gives the readers the mentality and behavior them. Since Faulkner uses flashback and foreshadowing in each sections it helps guide the audience have some sense since it can be confusing at some moments. Understanding the events that are happening in the story is an important point in the setting, along with the descriptions that Faulkner uses that gives readers the imagine of a very gothic feel. Faulkner uses a gothic feel when explaining Miss Emily’s house and Miss Emily herself. “It was a big, squarish frame house that had once been
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