William Faulkner 's `` A Rose For Emily ``

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While authors like Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King are known for their creepy writings, William Faulkner has achieved a level of disturbing that is hardly reached in short stories. A Rose for Emily is a story that shows how the insanity of one woman is able to shock an entire town, even in death.
When first reading A Rose for Emily, anyone can see how twisted Emily Grierson is. Not only for the fact that she was sleeping in the same bed as a corpse, but because this was not the first time that she had kept a dead body in her house. While her family does have a history of mental instability, stating that, “remembering old lady Wyatt, her great-aunt, had gone completely crazy at last” (section II), she is able to out do the impossible and create an aura of mystery that surrounds her both during life and death. After reading this story, it makes the audience question not only the reasoning that Emily has behind not only killing Homer, but keeping his body trapped in her house up until she met death as well. It also brings to attention how much the townsfolk actually influenced the progression of insanity that caused Emily and those around her, so much turmoil. For example, if the townsfolk had not used Emily as a source of entertainment and gossip, would she have stayed the recluse? While, the townsfolk are not to blame, it makes readers wonder: what if? Another question that I had while reading this story is, who was the narrator? The narrator, whoever they are, is able to
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