William Faulkner 's As I Lay Dying

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William Faulkner: As I Lay Dying & Rose For Emily
William Faulkner is one of the most prominent American writers best known for his diverse skills and a number of novels, short stories, essays and screenplays that he wrote during his entire life. William showed his expertise within the field of literature by the use of valuable literary styles, well connected thematic concerns, moral lessons combined with little humor within his entire work. He effectively utilised the moments he spent together with the elders and later transformed such tales from the elders into more educative and convincing short stories, essays, novels and even much more (Faulkner,042).
“As I Lay Dying” is the title of the novel he wrote in the year 1930 and he
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As it can be noted from the novel, the family members had to bend low and beg the nobleman to grant them an opportunity of burying their loved one, Addie (Faulkner 102).
On the other hand, “Rose for Emily” refers to a short story written by William in the same year he wrote, “As I Lay Dying” (1930). It is worth noting that the short story has the same setting as the novel, “As I Lay Dying”. William describes the title of the short story as an allergic title. The author (William) states that the fictional short story, Rose for Emily involves a woman with tragedy but it’s unique that nothing can be done about it hence the only thing that he manages to do is to give her a rose. Moreover, the short story involves a number of dark themes that were experienced within the southern region (Faulkner, 036). One of the themes that can be noted from the novels is the theme of death. The short story starts with the death of Emily and her funeral scene is captured. It’s worth noting too that Emily is depicted as a woman from the aristocratic class and following her father’s death, she still continues to behave in a boastful manner. The short story is divided into five different sections with each and every section pointing at different character traits and themes the author used. People turned up in large numbers to attend Emily’s burial ceremony and most women had an intention of seeing her house that she did not want anybody
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