William Faulkner 's Barn Burning Essay

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The Courage to be Loyal
Loyalty should be considered a quality that is supposed to keep family ties together and use the shield of bravery to protect it. It is proven that devotion in families of today, are lost and bravery shows no character in a person. It is a personality that each individual has in them only to be used in the most courteous way and should not be used selfishly. Loyalty cannot be purchased and must be earned. If it used in the wrong way, it can climax to a disaster.
The short story writer William Faulkner emanates moral values in a young character in “Barn Burning,” Sartoris “Sarty” Snopes. As a ten year old boy, forced to choose between his kin blood lines, yet staying loyal to his beliefs, he takes a daring stand with bravery and wears the badge of courage doing it. Sarty’s adherences are pulled as they move between such large concepts as blood, truth and justice.
Sarty’s father, Abner Snopes, paid his loyalty to be disloyal with the vivacity of a satanic immoral attitude where righting the wrong is familiar rational belief. "Get out of my way, nigger."(Faulkner11) “Abner Snopes is also depicted as a man who will not hesitate to evoke the power of fire against those who oppose him” (Proquest). Sarty had to deal with the fearsome devil that controlled his father’s arrogance and lifestyle. He wants to stay committed to his father, but has to surrender honesty and his conscience to remain loyal to his father. He uses every moral fiber he has in him to
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