William Faulkner 's Barn Burning

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William Faulkner wrote many of his stories to take place in the south. The reason for this is he was born and lived in Mississippi and because of this the south had a special place in his heart. Faulkner used his own life and issues of his day to create a county in Mississippi where all of his stories take place. Faulkner was a very inspirational writer for people living in southern states. Using his own personal experiences as well as taking inspiration from his favorite writers, William Faulkner wrote “Barn Burning” and his other works about the struggles of living life in the south for white and black people during the civil rights movement. William Faulkner used his knowledge of his most loved author’s writing styles to help design his stories. After being asked if he liked being a writer Faulkner answered, “If I had not existed, someone else would have written me, Hemingway, Dostoyevsky, all of us. It is through all of us that each other’s works are written, for me it was Twain”(Stein). William Faulkner talks about how that the things he wrote about and the things other people wrote about still would have been written just by a different person. He respects that others before him did what they were able to do but he also knew that they were lucky enough to be the ones to do it. Faulkner also realized that in the stories we write we reflect the writing styles of the ones who we loved to read and for him it was Mark Twain. Faulkner also understood that it was his job to
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