William Faulkner 's The Sound And The Fury

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Mentally Ill in Literature Have you ever heard the words illusion or mental diseases? That is exactly, what William Faulkner’s portraying in his book The Sound and The Fury. The story personifies all the key elements of insanity among the characters Jason, Quentin and Benjy. This paper will explore how the author depicts different mental illnesses throughout the story by the use of imagery. It will also analyze some of the most memorable characters development from a Freudian perspective. First of all, if a reader looks at the character of Jason from a Freudian point of view, they will see his underlying psychological problems, and his obsession with his mother that he carries out through other women. According to Freud, the unconscious reveals itself through language. The narrative of Jason is a puzzle in which substitutions must be realized in order to see Jason’s true desires. Jason can be seen as a villain of the novel; he is heartless, calculating, cold, controlling monster, which takes pleasure in manipulating and abusing others. But Moore views him as a victim of the mother fixation of influences his perceptions of and visual relation to the world. Because of his fixation with his mother, Jason is psychologically crippled, and has developed a lack of insight into human life. According to Moore, Jason’s perspective on life, for example his obsession with Quentin, his hostility to Caddy, his obsession with money, and his extreme paranoia, is determined by codes which
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