William Faulkner 's Work Is Now Some Of America 's Classics

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William Faulkner, a small boy, from a small town, without a high school diploma, accomplished way beyond what most most people in his circumstance could. Now often introduced as one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers or Nobel Prize winning novelist, Faulkner’s work is now some of America’s classics. When asking the question nature vs. nurture in regards to William Faulkner the answer is obvious, it’s nurture. Examining his life, one can see that Faulkner’s success and talents came from his surroundings and not through luck of the draw. This great poet and writer not only had the unwavering encouragement from his immediately family, but also countless friends that pointed him in the direction of success. Children look to no two people more for support and guidance than their parents. For Faulkner this meant a great amount of exposure to the arts, particularly, writing and poetry. Know as Willie when he was a child, Faulkner grew up in a family with an intense women presence. His mother and grandmother were both strong willed people. His father was an alcoholic that that didn’t have much influence on his life. William’s lack of an adequate male role model in his life, promoted his attachment and admiration of his mother, Maude. “Faulkner’s mother and grandmother who were avid readers, photographers and painters played an important role in his artistic and visual language education.” This influence was very significant, because parents often have a huge impact on their

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