William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" Essay

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In As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner uses the characters Anse and Cash, and a motif/symbol in "My mother is a fish," to reveal the psychological and societal problems of the twenties and thirties. Written as soon as the panic surrounding the stock market in 1929 started, Faulkner is reported as having, “took one of these [onion] sheets, unscrewed the cap from his fountain pen, and wrote at the top in blue ink, 'As I Lay Dying.' Then he underlined it twice and wrote the date in the upper right-hand corner"(Atkinson 15) We must take care to recognize Faulkner not as a man of apathy, but one of great compassion and indignation at the collapse of the economic foundation of the U.S. This is central in appreciating the great care with which he…show more content…
Rippetoe is referring to the condition that Anse has acquired through the heat stroke, anhidrosis, which would destroy hypothalamus cells and render the body's ability to maintain its internal temperature through measures such as sweating, impossible. Anse then, through fear of death would abstain from staying in extreme heat and from working much, if at all. The consequence of this is the morally decadent, emotionally dead character bringing," . . . Her coming around from behind pa, looking at us like she dared ere a man. . . 'Meet Mrs. Bundren,' he says. Faulkner symbolizes the determination and productivity of the late 1930s and during WWII under FDR through Cash's determination to not stop working on Addie's coffin. Furthermore, Cash's desire to complete Addie's coffin becomes more than just the making of a coffin, it symbolizes the maternal bond that everyone shares. Throughout the novel Cash is portrayed as an extremely hard-working individual, one that contrasts the inability to work on Anse's end. Cash represents the unceasing work of machines, a relevant allusion given with the advancement of technology throughout the early 1900s,"Yet the motion of
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