William Faulkner's New Orleans

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Storytelling in New Orleans cannot be forced into a single definition. It is a compilation of a myriad of cultural artifacts, all of which incorporate storytelling. The history of storytelling in New Orleans can be found in the early settlers of the region, the infamous legends and folklore that surround the city itself, and the people who sought out the city as a muse for their stories, such as William Faulkner. The living culture of telling stories continues in today’s world through food, celebrations like Mardi Gras, and storytelling events such as Bring Your Own. Unfortunately, the story of New Orleans is currently being pigeonholed into this one singular account of what New Orleans is about. With all of these various cultural…show more content…
One particular group of people that are unique to New Orleans are the Creoles. The history of Creoles is very much entrenched in storytelling. Their way of life was the embodiment of storytelling because it meant so much to their own unique culture that they cultivated. They invented their own patois, or dialect, and concocted different cuisines that drew inspiration from their diverse background ("New Orleans ‘History and Geography’”). Operas, another form of storytelling, was considered the center of Creole social life (Saxon et al. 175). People often mistake what Creole means and the role they played in the history of New Orleans, such as their presence in the Battle of New Orleans ("New Orleans ‘History and Geography’”). They have contributed greatly to the story of New Orleans that is presented to the outside world. Throughout the city’s illustrious history, folklore has been a prominent cultural artifact as a direct result of the city’s love and talent for telling stories. Folklore and legends are a necessity when examining the living culture of storytelling, particularly in New Orleans. The magic and mystery surrounding the city creates the perfect atmosphere for legends such as Marie Laveau. Marie Laveau is one of the most widely known legends concerning New Orleans. This is because
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