William Frost And Gerard Manley Hopkins : Nature And The Creation Of It

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Since the beginning of time humans have always had their own beliefs on the creation of nature. Christians believe in God and how he created the world. The story explains Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. The two decided to eat the fruit because of Satan and how he persuaded them to eat it. On the first day God created heaven and earth followed by the creation of other natural features during the next six days. Without nature this story would not be relevant. “Ancient Greeks practiced polytheism or the belief of many gods” (“The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica” 112). They believed that certain gods controlled different parts of nature. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica mention, “puritans also believed in Satan and believed that nature was his playground” (302). They had many firm rules to steer clear of him. People often wonder how things in nature can be so beautiful and innocent. Robert Frost and Gerard Manley Hopkins describe nature and the creation of it in their poems “Design” and “Pied Beauty”. They both express similarities and differences in nature between their two poems. Imagery is a very vital aspect in most all poems. In “Design” and “Pied Beauty” they go through an extended amount of imagery. Both poems seem to point out unusual aspects in nature. For instance, in “Pied Beauty” Hopkins states “fresh-firecoal chestnut falls; finches’ wings” (4)1. In “Design” Frost mentions “I found a dimpled spider, fat and white, / on a white heal-all, holding up

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