William Gibson's Pattern Recognition

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Globalization is the process of combining people politically, economically and culturally into a larger community. Over time, globalization has brought people together as “technological innovation dissolved barriers of time and distance, and enhanced flows of information promoted greater awareness and understanding”(2002). However, globalization also has a negative side to it as it produces economic and social dislocations. Global mass media, movies and television do not represent the world and its people in a realistic way, however consumers still learn from media important perspectives on what life is like. Media often makes it hard for people to access and imagine the ‘real’. The success of neoliberal globalization depends on what is called, “the image” which is deployed by media corporations. These images can create illusions in which the masses can be governed. In William Gibson’s novel, Pattern Recognition, we are given a clear understanding about some of the cultural problems posed by neoliberal globalization also known as what Gibson puts it as, “logo-maze”. In The Precession of Simulacra by Jean Baudrillard, he argues that our postmodern…show more content…
We see them everywhere: on billboards, in magazines, at bus stops, in the mail, on television, and even in stadiums. ‘Images’ are everywhere and they are so compelling that we cannot not watch them. They are very seductive that in fact they have revolutionized human social communication forever. Oral and written communication are in decline because a new form of communication has emerged which is communication by image. For example, a flag works as an image because it suggests a long history of stories that are buried inside us that will evoke emotions and memories deep within us. However, today’s images have taken on new meanings in the modern American culture and illustrate the power of today’s
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