William Gilbert And Dr. Jekyll

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Science dates back to the pre renaissance era with William Gilbert being named as the first known scientist. Born in 1544, Gilbert investigated the nature of magnetism. Along with Galileo Galilei who is known to have constructed one of the very first telescopes. Hands-on scientist who designed experiments carried them out and recorded their results. When I hear the word scientist I think of white lab coats, a laboratory, and many experiments going on that come to the scientists mind. Scientist to me are very smart graduates with a genius mind and a lot of knowledge to help change or better the environment we live in. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Jekyll are some of the well-known scientist who left a great science to us. I…show more content…
The invention of electric and the light bulb is probably the best thing invented in my opinion. After those were invented science took off to another level of genius cars, computers, televisions, and all the things that we love and use on a daily basis that we probably never thought would have ever been invented and here we are in 2015 and everything known is made of science. Do you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons on an old television set with only three channels? I do and it was probably the best of my years. Things have changed since then because we now have bigger and better televisions and way more channels to watch. Children have more to do such as the new inventions from Steve Jobs. We also have fictional scientist that we all like to watch on television. Some of the fictional scientist are heroes, some are villains, and some are just plain evil. My favorite fictional scientist is when Robin Williams starred in the movie flubber as a professor and scientist. Robin Williams experiments with different types of energy and comes up with a ball of flubber that does several things including making his car fly through the sky with its anti-gravity affects. He was a scientist that was truly a hero and I wish that we had that type of scientist today in real life. Another scientist and professor favorite of mine is Walter from breaking
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