William Golding 's Lord Of The Flies

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The Different Social Cognition of the Similar Stories — Synthesis essay of Lord of the Flies Final Project With the development of British culture, the format of Desert Island Literature has an inevitable connection with the geographical and culture heritage of the development of British history. Generally speaking, the setting of such literature is basically around an isolated island which is far from human society. The characters usually follow a primary lifestyle so that illustrate the courage to face the struggling circumstances. As it known to all, the two significant examples of the Desert Island are Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe in the 18th century and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies in the 20th century. Both two novels…show more content…
Robinson Crusoe, a young man who loves sailing and against his parents’ wish at the beginning of the novel. Despite the fact that experiencing the storm and the taking over of the ship by Salé pirates, to his later experience on the island, it is a great significance of the humanists who wants to open the antiquated social rules throughout the novel. Crusoe’s conflict between his dream and the autocratic family is a symbol of the developing humanistic ideology among British world in the 18th century. To Crusoe, the ocean is a mystery as the humanists feel like seeking the new world from the nature. For the newborn ideology, it seems that Crusoe’s first journey must be put down by several unknown difficulties; however, his strongly belief represents such ideology is being mature over time. On the other hand, another remainder which suggest Crusoe’s humanity is that he is keen on convincing Friday to give up the habit of eating people. When asking Friday his opinion of going back, “ ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘I be much O glad to be at my own nation.’ ‘What would you do there?’ said I. ‘Would you turn wild again, eat men’s flesh again, and be a savage as you were before?’ ” Crusoe directly shows his averse of the brutal scene of eating human. After all he chooses to remain his human side. At the same time, in Lord of the Flies, Ralph remains human
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